History of the Power Systems Conference

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Past Power Systems Conferences

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Past Power Systems Conferences

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Past Power Systems Conferences

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Past Power Systems Conferences

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Past Power Systems Conferences

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The vision for the conference is to establish a place where electric power industry experts, electric utilities, government agencies and academic researchers can exchange and present new ideas with each other in order to improve the state of the art of power engineering. The conference is intended to blend educational and industrial experiences to provide insight to all involved.

The Clemson University Power System Conference (PSC) was first organized in 2001 by Dr. Adly A. Girgis (1945-2010), the former Duke Energy Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering, along with industry members. Dr. G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Duke Energy Distinguished Professor, was the General Chair of the PSC (2013 to 2016). Drs. Johan Enslin and Kumar Venayagamoorthy were General co-Chairs of PSC 2018. The committee that plans and executes the PSC each year is comprised of industry members, Clemson University and international community.

At the PSC conference, tutorials, technical paper sessions, and panel discussions are scheduled on a variety of topics within power and energy systems. Over the years, the focus areas have included Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Communication, Cyber, Distributed Generation, Micro-grids, Power System Security, Reliability, and Computation, Protection, Renewable Energy, Smart Grid Technologies, Synchrophasors, Wide-Area Monitoring & Control.

Technical papers and panel discussions at the PSC offer a blend of outputs from academic research, reports and lessons learned in field implementations of new techniques, and new topics and ideas that are the cutting edge technologies in the electric power / smart grid industry.

Keynote speeches from leaders in various fields are scheduled at the beginning of every day of the conference, during the lunch break, and at the dinner banquet on the conference Thursday nights. Exhibitions from various companies in the industry are shown in the conference area, and the conference is sponsored by industry and corporate partners. In order to involve a wider technical diversity, meet today's power and energy challenges, and disseminate the findings to a wider technical community, the conference is now technically co-sponsored by IEEE, IEEE PES and IEEE IAS.

Dr. G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy
Duke Energy Distinguished Professor
PSC 2020 General co-Chair
Director, RTPIS Lab

Dr. Johan Enslin
Duke Energy Endowed Chair
PSC 2020 General co-Chair
Executive Director, Energy Systems Program