SEL Technical Tutorial

"Protection, Automation, and Integration Solutions for Today’s Electric Power Systems"

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 1:00-5:00 PM


1:00-1:30 PM Welcome Keynote- Mike Collum

1:30-2:15 PM High Performance Time-Domain Line Protection- Brett Cockerham

2:15-2:35 PM SEL Solutions for Digital Substation- Anthony Rahiminejad

2:35-3:00 PM Job Done® Example: Using an RTAC and SEL-651R for Microgrid Operations- Brett Cockerham

3:00-3:20 PM Break

3:20-4:05 PM Modern Applications of Digital Relays in Distribution Systems- John Town

4:05-5:00 PM Introduction to Event Analysis Using synchroWAVe® Event 2015- Mike Collum